There’s something rewarding about making things from scratch - Merit Educational Consultants

There’s something rewarding about making things from scratch

Most people know me as the “planner,” the person to host parties and events – the person who controls things. The series of events that have bombarded us since March has made me rethink my priorities and what’s important to me. I’ve stopped assuming that I can do things like running errands, planning parties, having my house cleaned, and seeing family and friends.

When there was a run on toilet paper, meats, and sanitizing wipes, I didn’t start hoarding items. I just thought about how I could simplify my life. I had become so accustomed to buying household things at big-box retail stores and was convinced that there were certain brands I just “needed” to buy. So I went online to see how to make these household items that were backordered and ridiculously expensive.

Last weekend, I made a year’s supply of laundry detergent, dishwashing soap, and even dog shampoo. Making the soaps were fun and rewarding. I made 5 gallons of each and it took me just a few hours and few dollars. The best part: I don’t have to worry about shopping or having to do without should there be a run on soaps or a bottleneck in the supply chain.

I’ve also made reusable sanitizing wipes, cloth napkins, reusable Swiffer pads, and cloth towels (no paper towels). I’m growing my own herbs, veggies, and fruit – and raising hens to get a half dozen eggs per day. I like producing the things I need and reducing my need to buy things. Besides, I like to know that my food has no GMOs and pesticides and that I am not supporting corporations that destroy our ecosystem and our future way of life.