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Make your own REUSABLE sanitizing wipes!

Flustered that I couldn’t buy sanitizing wipes back in March because people were hoarding them, I cut the wipes in half to make them last longer. That’s when I decided to make REUSABLE wipes. Let’s keep them out of the landfills – and we won’t run out when the next wave hits!

Making my reusable sanitizing wipes was easy. I gathered glass jars and 3 simple ingredients:
1 cup Rubbing Alcohol
1 Tbsp Aloe Vera Gel
3 drops Essential Oil

Then I cut up some old pillowcases (8” x 8”). I filled the jar with about ½ cup of the sanitizing solution. For fun, I made labels, and then made 20 reusable sanitizing wipe containers. Now I have one in every room in my house, garage, and greenhouse – I even put one out on my new deck!

Oops! Just realized that I spelled “reusable” wrong!