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Cloth vs Paper Towels: No Contest!

I don’t understand why we need to use paper towels. My grandmothers all used cloth towels because they could simply wash and reuse them for years. Did you know that we cut 51,000 trees EVERY DAY to make paper towels in America? That’s over 50,000 trees every day! Sales for Proctor and Gamble (Bounty paper towels) grew 20% to over $17 billion in the last quarter because we’re all washing our hands and cleaning our houses more during this pandemic.

Bounty’s “Quicker Picker Upper” commercials brainwash into thinking that when something spills – oh no! – we have 2 options to clean it up: (1) the cheaper paper towel; or (2) Bounty’s more expensive paper towel. But we all know that a cotton towel will out absorb any paper towel. Don’t let Proctor and Gamble trick you into thinking that you have to buy the thicker, plusher paper towel and that you need to buy this every week!

I just cut up old bath towels and keep them under my sink to clean up big spills and messes. I clean my house using old wash cloths and pillowcases. They’re free and I can reuse them for years.

When using public restrooms, opt to use the air dryers. So what if your hands are a bit damp? I carry a little towel in my purse but when I forget it, I wipe my hands on my pants (shhh!). Check out my YouTube video.

Best part: I’m not contributing to clear cutting forests when we need these trees to create oxygen, and I’m not adding more methane in the air when those 51,000 trees are cut every day. I also don’t need to drive my car to buy paper towels and I can save money for other things that I really need.

So, retire those old bath towels and treat yourself to something nice (with the savings)!