While changing habits, add "eliminating plastics" to the list! - Merit Educational Consultants

While changing habits, add “eliminating plastics” to the list!

I know we’re all being super vigilant about viruses, so while we’re changing our daily routines, let’s also reduce our toxic exposure to plastics. I’ve started saving glass jars with metal lids and use them to store flour, sugar, and baking stuff; all meal leftovers; and cleaning supplies. Bacteria and viruses can be easily cleaned off glass jars, but not so much with plastic containers.

Here are some easy tips:

1. Don’t put plastic containers in the dishwasher. Toxic chemicals leach out with hot        water.
2. Remove food from plastic containers when heating or eating/drinking hot liquids
3. Replace your vinyl shower curtains and placemats. They release chemicals that are      linked to health issues.

Think it’s hard to change habits and routines? Check out a YouTube video I made that demonstrates simple things I’ve done to get plastic out of my life.