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UC Admissions blasted by state auditor

Remember the Varsity Blues Scandal? Well the University of California (Berkeley, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Santa Barbara) has admitted 64 students over the past 7 years who were not qualified. Yup! 22 who were admitted as student athletes who couldn’t compete on athletic teams, and 42 at UC Berkeley who were admitted because their parents donated money or they were related or connected to the university staff even though they didn’t have the competitive qualifications needed to be accepted. Wow.

UC Berkeley allowed admissions staff to request preferential treatment for relatives and donors by using a process that was designed to help applicants from disadvantaged backgrounds. Donor’s children, athletes, and even a babysitter of a colleague of the director of admissions got into UC Berkeley, even though they weren’t qualified. State auditors released a report with these findings yesterday.

When will the cheating stop?