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There isn’t MUSH ROOM for Harmful Pesticides

Our population is rapidly increasing, and our food supply can barely keep up. Pests relentlessly attack crops, threatening the stability of our food supply. Pesticides are necessary to stop these pests, but the use of these only harm us and the environment around us. It seems as if it’s an inescapable dilemma — do we protect our environment or our food supply? But do we really need to answer this question at all? In his speech, Ishan discusses the application of the mushroom Cordyceps militaris as a highly effective pesticide that poses no threat to the environment, as well as the health problems that pesticides pose to us as humans.

About Ishan Bhatia:
Ishan Bhatia is a junior in high school and is interested in researching a variety of scientific ideas and topics, as well as specific fields such as biochemistry and neuroscience. He also plays the French Horn and in his free time, he likes to hang out with friends, sing, and play video games.

Come see Ishan Bhatia at TEDxMeritAcademy’s COUNTDOWN at the Rio Theatre on Nov 7th at 1:00-3:00 pm in Santa Cruz, CA.