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The new Digital SATs and PSATs

The SATs and PSATs will be offered in a digital format starting in 2024 for the SATs and 2023 for the PSATs. So no more Scantron answer sheets and Number 2 pencils! Instead, the new format will allow students to use their own laptops or tablets while they take the exams at a College Board testing center. For students who do not have these devices, the College Board will provide them on the test dates.

This new digital SAT will be easier to take. Eighty percent of the students who took the digital SAT pilot exams said that it was less stressful than the paper and pencil format. If students lose connectivity or power during the exam, they won’t lose their work or time while they reconnect.

The new SAT will be shorter – about 2 hours instead of 3 – giving the students more time per question. The reading section will have shorter passages with just one question tied to each section, and there will be a wider range of topics that will represent works that they’ll read in college.

Calculators will be allowed for all the math sections. Yahoo! This can be a game changer.

Test scores will be processed in just a few days, instead of weeks, giving students more time to plan future tests.

These new SATs will be offered to 9th students who will graduate in 2025.