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Thank a teacher today on National Teacher Appreciation Day

If ever we were to thank teachers for their service, it’s today in 2020. Teachers and professors have been shaken from their posts as educators this year during the worst pandemic of our lifetimes. With just a few days warning, they all switched from in-person classes to some sort of online platform. With zero training, they scrambled to learn how to use online software, transform their regular classes to Zoom or Meet, and support students who couldn’t connect online. With no definitive end date for online teaching, they prepped, taught, graded, and supported. Many did all of this while managing their own children and their educational and emotional needs.

Let’s remember that teachers go into this career field because they love kids and they enjoy teaching. They certainly don’t do it for the money. Hah! It’s a thankless job. Consider what a teacher faces every day:

1.  Students who don’t do their homework, which sets back the class.
2. Parents who complain about a grade their child received on a test or report card.
3. Administrators that require that curriculum is covered.
4. Students who use cell phones to text or use social media during class.
5. More administrators who pressure teachers to teach to standardized tests (for scores).
6. Lack of materials to teach their classes so they use personal money to buy necessary supplies.

During this pandemic, I know teachers who drive to students’ homes to deliver paper assignments and books because the students don’t have high-speed internet or computers. I’ve seen teachers drive by students’ homes just to wave so they don’t feel alone. Many teachers have to create 2 lesson plans: (1) for online students; and (2) for students who don’t have internet or computers. Many are doing twice as much work as a result. Teachers are heroes in my book.

Against science and medical advice, many schools and colleges have opened on campus this fall. Besides putting the students at risk of getting COVID-19, teachers and professors are more at risk of getting and dying from COVID-19. With their low salaries, they’re probably not in a position to choose to quit because they fear for their health. TEACHERS ARE FRONTLINE WORKERS.

So today, let’s celebrate all of the teachers! Give them cards and tell them why you appreciate them. Give them gift cards so they feel appreciated. Remember, they are preparing our future generations to lead the world.

Thank you to all teachers!