Starry, starry night… an incredible experience! - Merit Educational Consultants

Starry, starry night… an incredible experience!

Spent the day mesmerized by moving brush strokes of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings in the “Beyond Van Gogh” exhibit. So different from paintings in a museum, this display was projected on walls and floors with music that made me waltz around the room as I took in the bigger-than-life images. Fascinated by Vincent’s tumultuous relationship with his brother that inspired him to paint thick strokes with his palette knife, I enjoyed reading about Van Gogh’s life before I entered the exhibit.

Wish they played “Vincent Van Gogh – Starry Night” by Don McLean when “Starry Night” was projected on all of the walls and floors. So Nicole shared her ear buds with me and we both listened to it as we experienced this incredible 360-degree display.

Thank you to Nicole for treating me to this mind-blowing Vincent Van Gogh immersive digital art show.