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ROI for graduate degrees?

While over 85% of medical and law professional degrees boast a lifetime positive ROI of over $500,000, other Ph.D.s in education and non-STEM fields don’t reap the same rewards. We all know that STEM programs and professional degrees (medical, law) often pay off, but new reports found that 60% of M.B.A.s (America’s most popular master’s degree) and other business-related master’s degrees don’t provide a positive return on the investment (unless you are in a top M.B.A. program).

When considering lost wages and the cost of tuition while going to graduate school in humanities, over half of the students are worse off after earning that degree.

Do the research, and the math, before pursuing higher education. Ask yourself, “Will I improve my career and income if I invest in a higher degree?” More degrees doesn’t always mean more earning potential.