Remember BPA? We're Still Consuming It...In Canned Food! - Merit Educational Consultants

Remember BPA? We’re Still Consuming It…In Canned Food!

Did you know BPA is still in our canned food?

I think it’s criminal that food manufacturers knowingly coat the insides of metal canned food cans with a synthetic estrogen in the epoxy (bisphenol A-based epoxy) that is linked to breast cancer, reproductive damage, developmental problems and heart disease. That’s right! CRIMINAL. If you or I knowing put toxins in food containers that killed someone, we would go to prison. But not large food manufacturers!

So what can we do about it?

Simple! Only buy canned goods from companies that publicly pledge to stop using bisphenol A-based (BPA) epoxy to line their metal food cans. Below are two lists – the first contains (ha ha) a list of companies to support, and the second contains a list of brands to AVOID. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by buying only the good brands.