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Prominent Heart Surgeon Admits Mainstream Medicine’s Mistake, Reveals True Cause of Heart Disease

Thank you Dr. Lundell for coming forward to tell Americans how they can reverse heart disease without drugs or surgery. While mainstream western medicine continues to prescribe statins to reduce cholesterol and low-fat diets, more Americans are dying from heart disease than ever before! Say what?

Western medicine has had heart disease all wrong, and finally doctors are beginning to understand that the INFLAMMATION caused by the low-fat diets and the over consumption of processed foods (sugars, flours, vegetable oils) IS THE PROBLEM. Yup!  That means that breads, rice, pasta, crackers — and all of the delicious staples that we have been eating are overloading our blood vessels.  Lundell recommends eating WHOLE FOODS that your grandmother served and avoiding processed, manufactured foods that your mother turned to for quick meals.

Dr. Randy Baker recommended that I try a raw, vegan diet for 3 weeks to see if it would reduce inflammation in my body and help my diabetes (Dr. Cousen’s There is a Cure for Diabetes!). That was quite a lifestyle change from eating gourmet, rich foods (my husband is quite the chef) to raw vegan. But, exactly 3 weeks later my blood glucose count went from 140 to 55!  My high blood pressure has also dropped, and I lost 10 lbs in 6 weeks, without trying. Dr. Lawrence Calderon suggested that I add seafood and lean meat for protein while keeping the inflammation down. I’m now eating meat and seafood (no dairy, grains, soy products, sugar) and fresh, steamed, and sauteed veggies, and I continue to be diabetes free!