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Projects give stay-at-home kids a purpose

With teachers scrambling to set up online classes; students doing minimal homework and not taking tests, finals, or standardized exams; and nobody leaving home for extracurricular activities, kids are getting bored. There’s only so many shows to watch, and even gamers are looking for a break.

When kids face uncertainty about their future and worry about their parents and grandparents getting COVID-19, our children are dealing with stress and anxiety. They can’t control their lives and there are no schedules: school, after-school activities, homework, test prep, chores, etc. Kids like routines and schedules – even though they used to complain about them – and they want to feel valued.

So let’s give our kids a purpose. Talk to them about the coronavirus and how it is affecting millions of people around the world. Compare trends in Asia and Europe to the United States. Read about what hundreds of humanitarians and volunteers to help those who are sick or homebound. Inspire your kids to do something to help others. This will make them feel important and appreciated.

With all the free time they now have, they can do things to help their local high-risk population, support healthcare professionals, or start a unique project. Kids can find creative ways to get food to seniors who are sheltering in place. They can sew masks for hospital staff. Kids can also start a project doing anything they care about.

All of these projects will give them valuable skills while boosting the way they feel about themselves. The best part — these projects will give them great talking points on their college application essays and interviews. By doing good things for others, they’ll boost their chances of getting into top colleges and winning scholarship dollars. Learn more about doing projects by reading my book: Beat the College Admissions Game by Doing a Project.