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Next steps for UC-bound freshmen!

Congratulations to UC-bound students! While you’re preparing for graduation, there are a few things you need to do to complete your requirements for admission to the University of California. Submit the following:

1. Final high school transcript indicating your graduation date and final grades for 12th grade by July 1, 2022 (electronically, not emailed).
* If your transcript will not be available by July1, email and your college with high school name, CEEB code, and date transcript will be available.

2. Transcripts from all college coursework taken during high school. (electronically, not emailed).

3. AP/IB/A-level exam scores by July 15, 2022

4. Full or partial UC IGETC certification by July 15, 2022

5. Analytical Writing Placement Exam and Entry Level Writing Requirement
* Check with your individual campus to see what specific guidelines for meeting the Entry Level Writing Requirement.

* UCD, UCI, UCM, UCSB, UCSC does not require the AWPE
* UCB,UCLA, UCR, and UCSD can take the AWPE to satisfy the Entry Level
Writing Requirement. Check with the individual campus for further information.

We are helping students lay out their 4-year plans to ensure that they take full advantage of courses, research opportunities, internships, and prep for grad school. If you’d like to create your 4-year plan, contact us at Merit (