My new normal socializing venue: new redwood deck! - Merit Educational Consultants

My new normal socializing venue: new redwood deck!

Just finished building a redwood deck in our oak grove so that we can socialize at 6 feet apart. Anything we do in our home means that we’re breaking that 6-foot distancing rule – sitting around the dining room table, cooking together, walking down hallways, and simply opening the front door. So I built a redwood deck about 150 feet from the house so guests could meet us there. With 2 entrances, it makes it safe to come and go. I’ve ordered 2 bistro tables and chairs so one couple could sit at one table while we sit at another. We can separate the tables but we can face each other at a safe distance. We’re among the old oak trees where it’s cool and refreshing, even on the hottest days.

Wearing masks and gloves, I bought the redwood and had plenty of help carrying the wood down to the oak grove. Nicole and Brad helped me cut, carry, and assemble the skirtframe (and 60 lb bags of cement). They even tried to dig post holes using an 8” auger, but the sandstone made it impossible to penetrate. Our maintenance guy later jackhammered the post holes and Mario set the posts. Rob helped me cut and place the joists. I rented a framing gun and compressor, and learned how to use a handy tool to straighten crooked boards as I framed the deck. Mario helped me install guardrails, posts, and benches. I’m putting the second coat of sealer on today. Thanks to a team of willing volunteers, the deck is done!

I’m excited about socializing in a safe way, while enjoying the views and a new space. Ready for guests in 2 weeks!