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Making holiday gifts during the pandemic

Every year, I get together with my family to discuss what holiday gift we’ll make to give to our family and friends. This year we decided to make chili sunflower seeds – our favorite topping for salads, pastas, and eggs. It’s a time for us to make our lists, order ingredients, make the gifts, and then ship them out or deliver them. By working together during this busy time of year, we make time to be together.  Sometimes we create new things like shampoo bars or special recipe lip balms. Part of the fun – frustration – is getting the recipe right.

While COVID-19 has certainly put a damper on getting together and doing traditional things, we still created 250+ gift bags. This year, I did all the cooking but we still had to agree on labels, coordinate shipping that we did together through texts and calls. I sent photos with constant updates so everyone was still part of the process. While I missed the group activities and all the fuss that goes along with making our annual gifts, I’m glad that our family tradition continues even during a pandemic.

So stop on by to pick up your chili sunflower seeds!