Last storm filled our 18 IBC tanks! - Merit Educational Consultants

Last storm filled our 18 IBC tanks!

Living in a drought in California changes your perspective on rainfall. After 9 months without rain, we were thrilled that a huge atmospheric river was heading our way. We had about 24 hours of non-stop rain on Sunday. Every drop that landed on our roof funneled down pipes directly into our 18 IBC tanks.

Each tank holds about 275 gallons of rainwater. The west side of our roof filled 8 IBC tanks, while the east side filled 10 IBC tanks. Imagine that? We collected about 5,000 gallons in one day!

We just filled a separate 5,000-gallon tank from left-over water from last season – so now we have a total of 10,000 gallons reserved. We use this to irrigate our 30 fruit trees and raspberry/blackberry patches.

With a warming climate causing extreme weather conditions, we need to plan how to conserve the rainwater we do get. It gives me a great sense of security knowing I have enough water for next year’s fruit harvest.