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I Took Some Kids to Watch Baseball…

…But you’ll never believe what they did…

I thought it would be entertaining to take our new international student to see a Giants game, after all, it IS America’s favorite pastime, right? 

To ensure that it would be a wonderful experience for her, I invited a couple of teens to join the fun. I thought it was a good plan.  I was thrilled when the Giants’ first at bat was a homerun right out of the stadium.  I couldn’t have planned a better introduction to baseball fever. Then, the second at bat hit another homerun.  Wow!  The kids were clapping and really into it and I was mentally patting myself on the back for orchestrating this cool cultural experience for the kids.

But then all three of them pulled out their cell phones and nothing could pull them away.  They played video games together, made funny images using their photos, and shared Snapchat photos that they thought were hilarious. 

At one point, one of them popped their heads up to read the scoreboard and said, “Oh, we’re winning again!” and then went right back to playing on their phones. The only time they stopped playing games was when they went to buy Ghirardelli ice cream and hot chocolates.

They claim to have had a great time at the game but I think we could have accomplished the same cultural experience in front of a TV – and saved a few hundred dollars!