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Hunger on College Campuses

I didn’t believe it when I first read it: One in five college students report not having enough food to eat on a regular basis. In America? College students? And that’s not all. One in ten students at the community colleges report not eating for an entire day.

When college dining halls fill trays of food to keep their buffets full, you know there is a lot of waste at the end of every breakfast, lunch, and dinner hours. Instead of throwing out the food, dining halls will redirect food resources to feed students who don’t have the funds to pay for meals.

The 2019 Campus Hunger Reduction Act will make sure that every college student has food to eat simply by cutting waste. Many wealthy students skip meals when they dine at restaurants or they go home for weekends or holidays. These meal credits are often lost if not redeemed within a certain time period. With the Campus Hunger Reduction Act, these lost meal swipes may be given to students who need meals. Food insecurity should not exist on campuses and it’s about time we stop overlooking it.