Have we become so entitled that we’re willing to lose everything because we aren’t getting our way? - Merit Educational Consultants

Have we become so entitled that we’re willing to lose everything because we aren’t getting our way?

Our forefathers, who forged their way to the new America where they hoped for a life filled with opportunities they didn’t have in their native countries, sacrificed so much to improve their lives. We Americans were true pioneers and we could do anything. And, we did. We became the most innovative country in the world and everyone copied and followed our lead.

But today, that drive to achieve our dreams is no longer our inspiration. Instead, people (corporations and politicians) are taking care of themselves and not looking out for our collective future. College students party in frat houses, take spring vacations, and live their lives as if the coronavirus wasn’t threatening millions of lives. Now businesses are opening up with complete disregard for their clients’ safety. Even with evidence that when we socialize without protection (masks), we spread this virus, businesses reopened their doors.

The result: America is now the number one leader in COVID-19 cases and deaths in the world.


Because today’s America isn’t comprised of pioneers like our forefathers. We have become too comfortable – entitled – and shortsighted. We don’t need to work the fields to make sure we have enough food to make it through the winter. We don’t like others to tell us what to do or to take away our freedoms. We have become so busy that we don’t have time to read or research. We choose platforms and hate others who don’t share our ideologies.

But worst of all – we aren’t making the sacrifices we need to make now in order to stop this pandemic, improve our economy, and protect our future. We all need to grow up and work together – not apart – to survive and thrive.

So stop whining. Stop blaming others. Stop hating things you don’t understand. Instead, isolate yourself from everyone, wear a mask when going out, and sacrifice a little so that we can all survive and move on.