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Gov Newsom vetoes Ethnic Studies Requirement for High School Graduation

Gov. Newsom (Calif) vetoed the bill that would require all California high school students to take a one-semester ethnic studies course to graduate. WHAT? This important course was supposed to formally introduce the history and culture of various major ethnicities to students before they become adults. The mandate would have started in 2024-2025 had Newsom signed it. Ugh.

So why did Newsom veto the bill? He caved to a few ethnic groups who pressured him to not sign it because they were not included in the model curriculum plan. This will create a huge setback because the next draft of this bill will not take place until 2029-2030! TEN YEARS? When our youth struggle to understand white supremacists, Black Lives Matter, the “China Hoax,” the Muslim ban, and immigration policies, learning about the cultures, religions, and history can reduce fear and stereotypes.

A one-semester class will not be able include every ethnic group, but it is a good first step. The bill included African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, and Asian American/Pacific Islanders. The Jews, Armenians, and Muslims were the biggest critics of the bill. Japanese Americans were also excluded under the Asian American portion of the curriculum.

With Newsom’s veto, all ethnic groups will NOT BE REPRESENTED for 10 Years! Careful what you wish for…