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Gourmet meal for ER at Valley Medical Center

Just delivered a gourmet lunch to all of the ER staff at Valley Medical Center in San Jose today. My aunt and uncle asked me to deliver really special meals to the entire ER staff (3 shifts) to make sure that they know that we appreciate what they do to take care of all of us. This was the first meal delivery. I’ve been discussing menus, tastings, presentation, and costs with all of my favorite restaurants in Santa Cruz. Besides gaining a few more pounds, it’s been fun putting together the perfect menus. That’s right up my alley!

I love The Farm in Aptos, CA. They have the best fresh fruit tartlets, shortbread cookies, and spinach and gorgonzola quiches. Just to make the lunch extra special, we added a turkey club sandwich and a cobb salad! You know – so the staff would have all kinds of amazing tastes!

Thanks to my aunt and uncle for their generosity and for their love and concern for Nicole. Big thanks to the entire ER at VMC. They’re the best and they have incredible spirit. They sent us a thank you video that I’ll share here.