Good Sleep = Effective Flu Shot - Merit Educational Consultants

Good Sleep = Effective Flu Shot

There is a lot of confusion about whether or not to get the coronavirus vaccine when it becomes available because it’s being rushed for political purposes. But I just read that whenever you do get a flu or COVID-19 shot, getting a good night’s sleep will increase its effectiveness. Good to know.

If you are sleep deprived during the week before you get a flu shot, you might get less than 50% of the normal antibody response than if you were well rested. That means that the flu shot might be ineffective.

We all know that sleep strengthens our immune systems. When we’re tired and run down, our bodies work overtime to repair and restore themselves on a cellular level while we sleep. People who sleep less than 7 hours per night are 3 times more likely to get sick with the common cold. Those who sleep less than 5 hours per night are 70% more likely to get pneumonia.

We should be sleeping between 7-10 hours per night. This can ward off depression and high blood pressure, and it’s linked to higher risk of dementia, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

So rest up before you get your flu shot this season!