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College athletes with COVID-19 have inflamed hearts!

I wish the experts didn’t warn us that the coronavirus only affects old and sick people because young and healthy people still believe that they’re somehow immune. Over the past 2 weeks, college campuses are facing high infection rates among the 18-22 year old students who just arrived on campus. But the most alarming news is that a third of the college athletes (Big Ten Conference) who tested positive for COVID-19 have potentially dangerous inflammation of their heart muscle.

MRI scans showed that these athletes have myocarditis, an inflammation that can be deadly if not treated. 30-35 percent of these athletes have inflamed hearts. Some football teams have pushed back and postponed the season, while others are forging forward with modified seasons.

Why is this not headline news? These athletic institutions are BIG MONEY MAKERS and nearly a third of them wouldn’t report the number of student athletes who tested positive for COVID-19. Many also wouldn’t divulge their coronavirus protocols for athletes. Student athletes shouldn’t be required to put themselves in vulnerable positions by playing sports amid a pandemic. This is just wrong on so many levels.