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Algebra 2, Community College and You

Great news, community college students! As of now, liberal arts majors can get through community college in 2 years instead of 4 or 5! Whew! Until now, UC’s required all community college students to complete Algebra 2 before transferring, which often meant that non-math savvy students would have to take 2-3 remedial math classes just to take the college-level Algebra 2 course. 

That often translated to 3 semesters of math BEFORE they could even attempt Algebra 2. And even then, some students had to retake this course several times before passing with a C- or better! In California, about 75% of community college students take remedial math classes before they can take college-level Algebra 2, and only about 10% actually transfer to a 4-year college. So glad this will be a thing of the past – I’ve watched really bright kids forgo college because they knew they’d never pass Algebra 2. 

And of course, there’s the question “WHEN WILL I EVER NEED ALGEBRA 2 IN REAL LIFE”?  If I had a nickel every time I’ve been asked that, I’d have X nickels! <–MATH JOKE

Read on for details!


Several community colleges are now offering Statway courses, which are 2-semester classes that cover basic algebra and statistics.  So, for liberal arts or other non-math/science majors, you only need to take 2 semesters of super-easy math classes.  Hooray!

Start your research engines! Find a community college that offers Statway classes and organize your 4-year plan. Plan out what classes you need to transfer to your #1 college. Check out their eligibility requirements AND the lower-division courses required for your major.  [Note: Many colleges (like the UC’s) expect that you’ll transfer in with all of the same classes that your peers will have taken during their freshmen and sophomore years.  That way, you will start your junior year prepared just like the other students.] By the time you complete the Statway courses, more colleges will be accepting them! If your college offers Statway courses, let me know in the comments!