260 homes are now recognized as a Firewise community! - Merit Educational Consultants

260 homes are now recognized as a Firewise community!

Ten years ago, I never really thought much about wildfires – even though I live in a heavily wooded area in Santa Cruz County. But now, I make architectural, landscaping, and even social decisions based on how they affect fire safety. That’s why I’m thrilled that my neighborhood of 260 homes on North Rodeo Gulch Road in Soquel is now officially recognized as a Firewise USA community.

What does that mean?

  • Save money on homeowner’s insurance
  • Work with neighbors to clear our properties
  • Share concerns on our forum
  • Receive free chipping
  • Communicate using our MURS radios during emergencies
  • Improve address and road signage
  • Gather for annual NRG Firewise events

I’m organizing our 2nd annual event on April 23rd with a lineup of experts who will discuss evacuation plans, emergency communications (when power is out), clearing 100 feet around homes, group clearing projects, signage, and more. Come out to learn when to evacuate and how you can save your home when a wildfire strikes. Fire season is year round.

Check out our website: NRGfirewise.com.