Did you know that there are people in this world that are willing to give you free money? Yes, I’m serious.

Too many people underestimate the amount of aid and scholarships that are available to students. Most people¬†would never ever in a million years be able to afford to pay the sticker price of a private college. However, here’s some facts about financial aid:

  • Many private colleges have large endowments and the ability to offer large amounts of financial aid to students.
  • Private colleges can often be less expensive to attend for low to middle income students.

Don’t let the sticker price of a college scare you away!

If you know that you can’t afford to pay much at all for college, you should look for an institution that:

  • Meets 100% of demonstrated financial need
  • Has a loan-free aid policy for low-income students

What is EFC?

Your EFC is your Estimated Family Contribution. This is the amount of money that your family should be able to contribute for college. It is calculated from your family’s income and assets, information that the college receives from the CSS/Financial Aid Profile or FAFSA.

How can I find out how much financial aid I will receive from a college?

All private colleges are required to have a Net Price Calculator somewhere on their website that estimates how much you would have to pay to attend. Although they are just estimates, they can give you a feel of whether or not a college is within reach price-wise. You may be pleasantly surprised!