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Office Services:

How to Get Started:

We can turn your office into a fine-tuned machine. An efficient, organized office will save you time and money. When everybody knows where everything is, how everything runs, and how to work as a team, there will be no more wasted hours duplicating tasks and working inefficiently. Imagine the amount of stress and waste that will eliminateÑthat's more time to focus on taking care of business!

Initial Consultation:

To get started, we'll meet to discuss how things work now. We'll discuss the current office organization, the paper-flow system, and the workplace layout, as well as your existing problems and future goals. After reviewing the way things currently work, we'll target areas of concern.

Getting Organized:

Next we discuss practical solutions to meet your office's needs. We'll discuss what things will need to be physically rearranged and reorganized, what paperwork can be streamlined, and what processes need to be simplified. Company forms, procedures, and software will be customized to your needs as we work with you to implement the changes.

It is important that the staff understands the changes at the office and the rationale behind them. To ensure this, we meet with the staff to discuss the new procedures and to train them. This ensures that everybody understands the new goals and how to implement them as a team.

An office spring-cleaning can also contribute to a more efficient workplace. We can examine archive boxes, storage units, file cabinets, and desk drawers in order to reduce clutter and maximize the amount of usable workspace.

Follow-up Consultation:

We provide follow-up consultation to evaluate the progress made. Not everything will be perfect after the first meeting. We meet with the staff again to see what improvements have been made and to make adjustments to the new program.

Organizational consultation is billed at $125 per hour (3-hour minimum for on-site visits). Merit services the Santa Cruz, Monterey, Santa Clara/San Jose, and San Francisco Bay areas.

Call Merit Organizational Consultants at 831.462.5655 or 877.357.5655 (toll free).



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