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A peaceful, organized home will save you time and reduce your stress. When everything is in its right place, you won't waste time looking for your keys, apologizing for missed appointments, and getting buried beneath the clutter. Imagine the amount of stress that could eliminate-that'll give you more time to spend doing the things you want to do.

Home Services:

Initial Consultation:

To get started, we'll tour your home to see how things are organized now and we'll discuss your current problems as well as your future goals. We can focus on specific rooms, or we can tackle the entire house. After reviewing what works and what doesn't, we'll target areas of concern.

Getting Organized:

Next we discuss practical solutions to meet your needs at home. We will discuss the ways in which we can best utilize your space, arrange your furniture, organized your drawers, closets, and other spaces. This process will be a comprehensive spring-cleaning. The whole process will be customized to your needs and we will work with you to implement the changes. Once everything is in its right place, you'll be amazed at how much easier it will be to find things, how much time you save, and how much more smoothly your family will communicate and operate.

Follow-up Consultation:

A month later, we evaluate the progress made. We meet with the family to make final adjustments to the new program. We can also help with study skills and college/career planning.

Organizational consultation is billed at $125 per hour (3-hour minimum for on-site visits). Merit services the Santa Cruz, Monterey, Santa Clara/San Jose, and San Francisco Bay areas.

Call Merit Professional Organizers at 831.462.5655 or toll-free at 877.357.5655.



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