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Chicago, Chicago!

Just returned from a whirlwind visit in Chicago where we ate our way around the city. We started out with Chicago’s famous deep-dish pizza at Gino’s, enjoyed their unique Eatily, where a medley of artisan chefs prepare gourmet dishes, and tried dozens of other specialty restaurants on just about every block downtown. Jaclyn and Alex (and Radar!) live on the 40th floor right downtown and just 1.5 blocks from Kellogg’s grad school.

We stayed in a suite with a conference table and a Murphy bed (love Murphy beds!) in their building, where we hosted a mini family reunion with Jean and Davis Tatsui-Satake. It was our first time meeting the Chicago Tatsui relatives who left California right after Pearl Harbor. Rather than be interned like the rest of the family, this part of our family moved to Chicago and has stayed there ever since. We immediately hit it off with Jean and Davis, and have already made plans to get together again this year. It’s exciting to make connections with family members, learn new facts, and hear interesting stories about our ancestors. They contributed to our genealogy database and plan to help us fill in stories and data about our Chicago family.

We also had dinner with Rob’s brother Bill and his family in the suburbs south of Chicago. Rob and Bill exchanged stories about their youth – the ones you don’t want your children to hear – except, oops Jaclyn sat there in shock with her mouth wide open as she learned about her father’s earlier days. She kept looking at me to make sure these were real stories! It’s shocking that Rob and Bill are alive today…

Jaclyn hosted a get together with her Kellogg friends (Alex, Rob, and Kelly – yup, weird coincidence!) so Rob and I could meet them. As always, we love her new friends and had a blast with them. We plan to return to Chicago in June for Jaclyn’s graduation ceremony. Time flies; and we can’t wait to get her back to California!