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Checking Out Colleges In The Windy City

Packing in business with pleasure in Chicago! I joined Jaclyn in business classes at Kellogg’s MBA program at Northwestern last week.

Sitting in on one of the Top 10 MBA programs in the nation, I was intrigued and inspired by the excellence in both professors and grad students. We toured the new Global Hub on the Evanston campus where I saw students engaged in conversations and projects with fellow students.

The design of the Global Hub was quite impressive; with amphitheater social areas and modern architecture both inside and outside, it made me want to go back to college!

We also toured University of Chicago and Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. Visiting these colleges makes us better resources to our students – so we can recommend programs that meet our students’ needs, expectations, and goals. With over 4,000 colleges just in the United States, there’s a college that’s perfect for every student!