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National Disaster Preparedness Day

Chloe thought more should be done to prepare for natural disasters. She believes families should know how and where to buy supplies and create kits in case of emergency. In an effort to serve the greater community by spreading the topic of natural disaster preparedness, she created “National Disaster Preparedness Day,” a nationwide effort held on Labor Day, to gather communities and spread the word on disaster preparation. NDPD, her California-based non-profit, works in conjunction with various companies and organizations in the Bay Area including the Police and Fire Departments, the American Red Cross and the Palo Alto City Council to raise awareness.

Chloe built an informational website designed as the online source for disaster preparedness. Working closely with her Merit College Advisor, she organized the first National Disaster Preparedness Fair in Palo Alto. Starting a non-profit organization and working with local government in event planning took tenacity, integrity, and hard work.



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