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Who Needs This War? Viral Email

Do you know the real impact of the Iraq War, the facts that our government doesn't want us to know?

When President Obama promised that he would have U.S. troops home by August 31, 2010, he left a door open to leave up to 50,000 troops in Iraq until the end of 2011. Did you know that leaving tens of thousands of soldiers in Iraq through 2011 will mean: People will die.

Based on the data we have today, we can project that:
HUNDREDS MORE U.S. SOLDIERS WILL DIE, bringing the American casualty count over 5,000. THOUSANDS MORE INNOCENT IRAQI CIVILIANS WILL DIE, adding to a casualty count that is already nearly 100,000.

Meanwhile, American tax dollars will continue to be wasted on this effort...
In 16 more months of troop deployment, it is projected * that America will spend $42 Billion; that's $1,000 per second.
$42 billion could provide 5 million people with FULL COVERAGE HEALTH CARE.
$42 billion could create 150,000 JOBS for unemployed Americans.

Don't want to watch more innocent people die?
Don't want to watch your government throw away your money?
We don't need 16 more months in Iraq.

WHO NEEDS THIS WAR? is the new rallying cry for getting US troops out of Iraq. We need every citizen to join us and tell the government to get out of Iraq NOW! We don't need to leave 50,000 soldiers in Iraq until 12.31.2011; we want every U.S. soldier out by 08.31.2010.

Sign the petition that will help get ALL U.S. troops home by 08.31.2010, because really, WHO NEEDS THIS WAR?

Sign the petition!
Forward this email to your family, friends, and address book NOW.

* Based on the money we are spending on the Iraq War today.



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