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Preschool, Elementary, Middle, & High School

With a Merit Academy education, students receive a comprehensive academic program that prepares them for success in highly selective colleges and exciting careers. If your family wants to use the Merit Academy curriculum for your home school or after-school program, you can now purchase individual class or complete course curricula here at Meritworld.

Merit Academy’s curriculum gives parents the opportunity to blend their personal educational philosophies with Merit’s rigorous, stimulating, and comprehensive framework – creating the ideal school for their children. Starting in preschool, students benefit from learning readiness skills that continue to build through high school. Parents don’t have to worry about when their children will learn specific concepts or where to travel to enhance their academic studies. Beyond the complex academic framework, Merit lays out texts, literature, assignments, research papers, science experiments, foreign languages, business development, internships, and special projects to enrich any home school program.

Students that have used Merit Academy’s curriculum framework have been accepted to the top universities in the country. Susan Tatsui-D’Arcy’s oldest daughter attended Stanford University and is currently at Stanford Medical School. Her youngest daughter is attending Claremont McKenna College where she is studying Environment, Economics, and Politics. Their Merit curriculum, one-on-one classes, and their project, landed them in the best colleges in the nation.

All of Merit Academy’s curriculum can be yours for use with your small private school or your individual home school for your own children. You can order any grade level of the Merit Academy curriculum from preschool to high school. These packages include the complete course descriptions and weekly lesson plans. The lesson plans lay out a weekly guide for lectures, readings, homework, essays, articles, projects, guest speakers, field trips, and movies (when appropriate). With each course, you’ll receive a list of suggested novels, textbooks, workbooks, and other teacher resources, which are not included, but can be easily purchased from local educational supply stores or on the internet.

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Merit Academy is a Kindergarten through 12th Grade Independent School accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) as a Supplemental Educational Center.

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