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The Working Mother's Guide to Free Childcare in Your Home!

"Susan’s techniques for scheduling, planning, prioritization and time management shoed us how to juggle work, school, extra-curricular activates, family commitments and personal time without feeling stressed and pressured. This book is an indispensable reference for any person interested in using their time effectively, and a must-read for all families." 

- Richard Gilbert, M.D.

There are countless books on time management, but have you seen one for working mothers?

This guide takes parents step-by-step through everything they’ll need to know about starting up childcare in their home—from planning to execution. After hiring a caretaker and enrolling a few other children, the business can operate at no cost to the parents.

When it comes to childcare, parents today feel like they’re forced into making a big sacrifice. Of course, they want the best for their children, but the best childcare centers have the longest waiting lists and the highest costs, so many parents end up settling for something less than ideal.

Parents need to know that there is a way they can have top-notch childcare, and they can have it in their home at no cost. Following the guidelines in this book, anyone with a little motivation can set up their own at-home childcare, building the top-notch, stimulating environment that their children deserve. Besides setting up the ideal preschool program for your child, you can also arrange to have meals prepared, the house cleaned, laundry done, and errands completed before you get home from work!

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