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Online Educational Consultants:
We provide interactive educational consultation service to parents who have questions about their children’s education.  Whether you have one simple question, need guidance selecting the best-fit school, or want to provide your child with Merit Curriculum in a homeschool or after-school program, Merit Educational Consultants are available to help. 

How does Online Educational Consultantation work?
Simply ask your questions on this secured private site and one of our experienced Educational Consultants will answer your questions the next business day.  It’s that easy. 

How do I get started?
Click here or go to My Online Activities in the left column.  Log in, or if you’re a new client enter as a New Client and complete the Personal Profile and Payment Details.  

How much will I be charged?
Most answers to questions will be billed at only $40 (our 15-minute minimum charge).  Some questions, however, may take more time to answer, or may require back and forth questions and answers before we can answer your questions or make appropriate recommendations.  Not to worry though, we will never bill for more than $40 without first getting your permission to do so.  Typically, we’ll answer what we can in 15 minutes and then give you options to continue the dialogue, if you choose.  Sessions are billed at $40 for 15 minutes, $80 for 30 minutes, etc.

When will I receive my answers?
Our Online Educational Consultants are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (PST).  Your questions will be answered by the next business day.  So, if you post your question on Wednesday at 1:00 pm, you will receive our response on Thursday.  If you post your question on Friday, you’ll have your answers on Monday. 

When will my credit card be charged?
You always have the option to let us know when you’re done asking questions.  With each response from a Merit Educational Consultant, you’ll see at the bottom of the page exactly what your total is.  When you’re done, simply check the box “Please bill me now,” and your credit card will be charged the exact amount listed.  That way, you choose how many questions you’ll ask and when you have all of your answers.  This keeps you in charge of what you’re billed.

What will a typical session be like?
After you complete the Personal Profile and Payment Details, you’ll open your Start Your Online Advisory Session.  This is a sample of what you might see:

Client Question:

My son is very bright but he doesn’t test well.  He’s always gotten average grades, but this year in 4th grade, he’s lost interest in school and he just received 2 D’s on his progress report.  What should I do?


Respond to Client:

Dear Sarah,

We hear from many parents of bright students that their children aren’t testing well and that their grades are dropping.  In large classes, bright students are often bored because the teacher has a difficult job to teach all of the students in the class.  Because your son is bright and probably quickly learns the concepts taught, he may be tuning out the teacher or class activities and subsequently misses important information that will be covered on the test.  Or, he may have relied on his strong auditory skills to do well on tests since first grade, but now that he is in 4th grade, the material covered on tests require more than just paying attention in class.  In this case, your son will need to learn how to study.  Although this sounds like an easy thing to do, most students don’t know how to properly prepare for exams.  Encourage your son to reread the chapter, take additional notes from the reading, make flashcards, and take review quizzes (offered at the end of the chapter) to test his comprehension.  By taking these steps starting four days before the scheduled test, he’ll really learn the material and will improve his test scores.

With puberty about to begin, this is a good time to help your son improve test-taking skills so that he feels confident that he is a good student.  You mentioned that he has lost interest in school.  Is this because he is doing poorly or is it because he finds the class or teacher boring?  If it is because he’s doing poorly, my recommendation above should correct this problem.  If it is because he’s bored with the class or teacher, you might consider moving him into another class or school.  Fourth grade is a pivotal year for young students as they begin to engage in more complex concepts and projects.  If his placement in this class is really the problem, keeping him in this situation out of convenience or due to administrative pressure can hurt his self esteem and his academic drive. 

I hope I have addressed your question.  If you’re interested, we can further discuss his academic history (1st-3rd grades) and you ideas about his academic future (5th grade to middle school).  This 15-minute response will be billed at $40 after you click on “Please bill me now.”  If you would like to continue this session, simply click the button “I would like to continue this Session; I agree that I will pay the charges listed here when I close this session.”  This complete session will only be billed when you are done or when there is no new activity for 48 hours. 

Can you provide me with testimonials from clients?

“Merit gave my son a new perspective on how to study. They got him in a position to study well – to go and open that book, make flashcards, and just be able to put the pedal to the metal when he has to.”  -- Richard Fontana




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