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Merit Planner

"My life is so much more organized now that I take my Merit Planner with me everywhere. I can’t imagine keeping track of classes, meetings, and long-term projects without it!"

– Jessica Whitten
Stanford University Student

Are you a student who needs help managing your time and keeping track of your schedule? Is there just too much to remember and too much to do? The Merit Academic Planner is made just for you.

Other planners just don’t cut it. They don’t allow you to block off your time the way you actually use it and they don’t include enough space for evenings and weekends.

The Merit Academic Planner is more powerful. It breaks days down into 15-minute intervals so you can block off just the right amount of time for classes, homework, studying, eating and extracurriculars. Since we all have weekends and evenings, the planner includes just as much space for evenings and weekends.

The companion book—The 21st Century Mother's Guide to Managing Your Life and Taking Control of Your Life!—allows parents to guide their children in learning how to use the planner and how to manage their time.



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