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One-to-one math classes ensures that students receive a strong math foundation.

One-to-one math classes ensures that students receive a strong math foundation.

At Merit Academy, all students are required to take four years of Mathematics. Freshmen begin by taking Geometry, followed by Algebra II, then Trigonometry, then Pre-Calculus, and then Calculus. With the individualized support of our Math teachers, the students learn to apply mathematical concepts to real-world problems.

A strong background in Mathematics (Calculus or beyond) is especially important for students entering the fields of Engineering, Medicine, and Computer Science. At Merit, all students take the Calculus 1 AB course, while other students may advance beyond that level to take Calculus 1 BC. Merit’s Math program is designed to be taken concurrently with our Science program, so that students understand the close relationship between mathematical concepts and scientific phenomenon.

Students who could benefit from building a strong math foundation will simultaneously take the Kumon Math program, which is designed to give students the repetition needed to learn complex concepts. First, each student tests into the appropriate level. Students then work on a packet of math problems. Before moving on to the next level, the student must show proficiency. The Kumon program is a perfect complement to our Math course—Kumon builds a solid foundation, while the other stimulates and challenges the students to solve problems, analyze data, and apply new strategies and concepts.



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